Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roses and Lemon Squares

I have a very dear friend who is supportive, loving, and kind. She is extremely allergic to dairy products but loves tasty goodies (who doesn't?). So, I took my favourite lemon square recipe and substituted margarine for butter. You know, they turned out awesome! I love baking but DON'T love having that stuff around so it's wonderful to be able to make things for other people and have one piece for myself :) It was a perfect day for baking as it rained for much of the morning and the temps came down quite nicely. I also managed to get a few more pictures in of some of my other roses. The yellow rose is Graham Thomas (David Austin). The red/pink bush I have dubbed Snow White and Rose Red. The pink was what I purchased several years ago not noticing that it had been grafted onto what is probably Don Juan. The pink is extremely fragrant while the red has little or no fragrance at all.

Hope that you're all having a wonderful Wednesday!


Natalia said...

Manuela, that's the best way to bake, one for yourself and give the rest away!;) The roses are beautiful!

Cammy said...

I love David Austin roses, and Graham Thomas is one of my faves! (Evelyn is another.)

Those root stock roses can be vicious!

Thanks for the rosy photos with which to start the day. :)

Linda said...

Graham Thomas is stunning! The rose photos really bring a smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

Graham Thomas is a favorite rose, but my all time favorite roses have a simple shape like apple blossoms- the Ballerina rose being one of them.
Those lemon squares look very yummy!

joven said...

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