Friday, August 28, 2009

Mmmm, Cinnamon!

Where did summer go? I woke up this morning to a cold and rainy day. After running a few errands I decided that a fall like day like this deserved some warm, spicy goodness. I'd seen this recipe from, you guessed it, Taste of Home a while ago and thought it would be the perfect time to try it out. Yum! So tasty and easy to make--Pumpkin Ginger Scones are perfect with a cup of coffee flavoured with cinnamon. What do you like to curl up with on a cold, rainy day?

Whatever you're doing, I hope that you're enjoying it to it's fullest!


*fitcetera* said...

I liked today's weather ... perfect for reading and listening to some music and a cup of tea.
The scones sound delicious but I just can't do them right now. No control as yet around baked goodies.

Hope everything is going well in your world, Manuela!

Cammy said...

Mmmy, yummy!

We're having early fall weather here, too. Very unusual for August in Memphis. But not wholly unwelcome either! :)

Have a lovely weekend, Manuela!

Natalia said...

They sound delicious!! :) YUM!!!

JC said...

Yummy!!! Weather is damp and dreary today so this sounds really good. Have a great weekend.