Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to School!

You're probably thinking "that girl sure does love to change her backgrounds!" Well, you're right! I love the choices that are given at Cutest Blog on the Block and with school starting up next Tuesday I was in the mood for this one (don't worry, I'll be going to a fall one again soon enough).

The job search for teaching will be an ongoing process I fear. The jobs just are not there, especially as I am not will to move. So, I'll continue with my private tutoring and will hope to pick up a few more students. I've also started to rate URL's (I'm sure at some point you've come across those work from home ads). It can be a bit tedious but the pay is pretty decent and at times the information is quite interesting.

It's been beautiful here for the past few days and shall continue for the next few. I hope that all is well in your world readers :)


*fitcetera* said...

Just think ... you're NOT in the factory ... :D

Cammy said...

As school days progress, I suspect you'll be able to pick up many more students. Increasing teacher-student ratios due to cutbacks will no doubt result in struggling students.

I haven't heard of this URL-rating gig. Can you point me in the right direction? (Thanks!)

JC said...

Job hunting is hard every where. I have an open position that is basically and entry level professional position. I received the applications from H.R. Wednesday. Out of 20 applications there are 4 PHD's, all by two have master's degrees. The position only requires a bachelor's degree.

I have no idea what URL rating is but hope it is fun.

I'm sure you will be picking up new students as the school year continues.

Do you celebrate Labor Day? Anyway, have a great weekend.

Hanlie said...

I love the background!

I would also love to find out about URL rating... I really need to earn some money.

I hope you get plenty of students to tutor!

MB said...

I wish I were going back to school. I hope you are able to find more students to tutor until you can get a full-time gig.

I love the new background. It makes me want to go apple pickin. The weather here has been amazing. I love being able to shut the AC off and sleep great with the cool breeze.

Sherre said...

You have such a good attitude. I know it must be difficult to be in the midst of a job search in this crummy economy, but I bet Cammy is right about picking up more students as the year progresses (and kids find they need the help). I know you'd be a great teacher, so I do hope you get a teaching gig soon!

BTW - love both the background and the Snoopy cartoon!

Chubby Chick said...

I love the new background! And... I hope you find a teaching job soon.

And, like the others, I'm curious about the URL rating. What in the world is that???

Chubby Chick said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog with the info, Manuela! I'll let you know if I decide to do it. :)

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