Tuesday, May 12, 2009


What an honour to get this award from MB at Finally Figuring it Out!
I've been seeing it on other blogs and always think how very kind and supportive so many of you bloggers are! I've had so much fun with this blogging thing and am glad to have met you all over the past year or so.
I need to choose 5 people so, drumroll please:
Tas at On My Way may not always have time to post but is always kind enough to stop by and leave an inspirational "way to go" for me.
Sherre is a lady I hope to be able to meet this July at BlogHer in Chicago. I love her active California lifestyle and wish her all the best in her pursuit of good health.
My friend Susie hasn't posted in ages and I HOPE she comes back again soon. What an awesome woman and mother she is. She took time to send me a lovely gift package with my favourite Bath and Body Works products. Love ya!
Bonnie at Thinking Thin has been super busy with a new job. I hope that you can find a place in your life to relax and get back to letting us know what you're up to!
Last but not least, Pattie. I have no idea where she's been but I know that she's one busy lady. She has had some super posts and is another person I hope to see back in bloggerland! Miss you and your super Patti-tude!
So, there is my list and MB, if you didn't already get one I'd be sending one your way too!


My 3 Month Challenge said...

Congrats on the Award!!! *APPLAUSE*
I am new to your blog and thanks for the intro to your choice of 5 other awesome blogs :>

Sherre said...

Thank you thank you. I really appreciate the award, Manuela and your's is well-deserved. I do hope you're able to make Chicago ... it would be terrific to meet you (and congratulate you in person for your efforts and success - both in weight loss and in your career change).