Monday, May 11, 2009

Does it Work?

I came across this on my MSN home page and thought I'd give you all the link if you're interested in checking it out. After all, a headline that screams Melt Away Calories in Half the Time is bound to catch my attention, that's for sure!

I think I'll incorporate these into my weight workouts. I do know that weights certainly help to get you leaner. And, after my run--or should I say "attempted" run this afternoon, I'll need to get leaner really fast! It was quite naive of me to assume that after so many months of non-running, I would be able to just tie on some shoes and run 8 miles!!!

Ah well, I've said it before and I know I have to believe that slow and steady wins the race!


Hanlie said...

I'm sure you'll benefit tremendously from those exercises!

You'll be running 8 miles in no time again...

MB said...

I'm sure you'll get back to that 8 mile mark soon.

I wanted to let you know I left something for you over at my blog. Be sure to check it out at

Cammy said...

I'm walking proof that the strength training makes a difference. I was dropping a size or two every ten pounds for a while there.

I love these exercises as well as jacknife, stepups w/weights, and planks. Never thought I'd be writing that! LOL

Keep up the great spirit! You'll get to your 8-mile mark easier this time around.