Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No Classes For Me

Well, my classes were cancelled today due to a strike by faculty. It's very unfortunate because of the effect it has on students, particularly those of us who are in a demanding program like the Bachelor of Education. However, I support the faculty in exercising their right to strike. I just hope that there is a quick resolution because my practice teaching begins mid October! Fingers crossed.

On a positive note, I have finally managed to work in an exercise routine. I've started running again, albeit at short distances, and I'm trying to get in as many bike rides as I can while this beautiful weather holds. I've put on a few pounds--nothing drastic as my clothing fits the same--just a number I don't care for when I look down at that scale! So, now that I'm in a routine I expect (you hear me?) those pounds to go away and put me on track to losing the last few to get me to my goal.

Having had a few beautiful Indian summer days (I'll be going out this afternoon and taking some pictures of my garden) and cool nights put me in the mood for my favourite pumpkin bread. I can't remember where I got the recipe but I love it! It's moist, spicy and absolutely yummy with a nice cup of coffee. I'll include the recipe for anyone who'd like to try it out. I bake mine in the longer, narrower loaf pans because it bakes evenly without overdoing it (you know how the middle can stay raw for a long time?)

Anyhow, hope that you're all having a great week so far and that I'll be hearing from you! (P.S. How do you like the new background? I was playing with the colours and am never sure about how it comes across to readers--let me know what you think!)

1 ½ c. sugar
1 c. canned pumpkin
½ c. vegetable oil
½ c. water
2 eggs
1 2/3 c. all-purpose flour
1 tsp. baking soda
¾ tsp. salt
½ tsp. each ground cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon
½ tsp. baking powder
½ c. chopped pecans (optional)

In a large mixing bowl, combine the first five ingredients. Combine the flour, baking soda, salt, spices and baking powder; gradually add to pumpkin mixture and mix well.
Pour into a greased loaf pan. Bake at 350° for 70-80 minutes or until a toothpick inserted near center comes out clean. Yield: 1 loaf. (I have a convection oven and it's usually 1 hour baking time :)


Sherre said...

I hope the strike is resolved soon! Love the new background -- especially since it's also feeling a little like fall here in northern CA. Good luck with resuming running.

Donna B said...

LOVE the new look of the blog. Was wondering how school was going. Sorry to hear about the strike. Hope it gets settled soon. Glad to hear you fit exercise in you days, this weather is gorgeous! Keep up the good work!

Lynn said...

Love the new background, but you might want to use a lighter, brighter font. I'm having trouble reading :D But pumpkins are so cute!

Hanlie said...

I love the new look! Although I have to agree with Lynn about the font being hard to read.

Hope the strike is over soon!

Cammy said...

Thanks SO MUCH for the pumpkin bread recipe. Having recently discovered teh joys of canned pure pumpkin, I'm looking for ways to enjoy it.

Good job getting back into the new exercise routine! Attack! Attack! :)

nonizamboni said...

Your blog 'update' is so autumny and I'll be trying out your pumpkin bread recipe soon.Inland Empire Girl, a blogger, puts chocolate chips in her; talk about gilding the lily. Delicious!
Rest up for when the strike is over.
Happy Wednesday!

Thinking Thin said...

Wow, a strike? That really stinks. I hope that gets resolved soon.

Good for you on the new routine. You can do it!!!

Love the new colors and that pumpkin bread sounds scrumptious!

Thinking Thin said...

Wow, a strike? That really stinks. I hope that gets resolved soon.

Good for you on the new routine. You can do it!!!

Love the new colors and that pumpkin bread sounds scrumptious!

JC said...

I love the changes you made to you site. I hope the strike is over soon. The students need to make their displeasure known to administration in no uncertain terms. That would work here I don't know about Canda. The pumkin patch bread sounds yummy. Do you know the WW points per serving? Glad you are getting back into an exercise routine. Enjoy the weather while you are out. I love seeing the leaves change.

Linda said...

I am sooo sorry for not updating OR commenting lately!

TeeHee, no Karen and myself don't/didn't have a pact to stay away. Have you heard from Karen? I have left a few comments but they haven't been published, I am rather concerned about her!

Indian Summer, that is what us Brits were hoping for because we have had the wettest Summer ever and that is a fact, we normally get 200 dry sunny days during the Summer but this year we have had 90ish...less than half...ah well, not a lot anyone can do about it, as long as we are all alright, safe and as happy as can be eh?

As far as the few pound gain, they say not to take too much notice of the scales because it could be water etc but to use clothing as more of a gauge.

The Pumkin Bread recipe sounds rather YUM!
Back tomorrow.

Hugs to you x

MB said...

Sorry about the strike ... I hope you get back to class soon. In the meantime you can enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

The pumpkin bread sounds good - I'll have to make it when I know I'll have company or can take it to someone else's house, otherwise I'd eat the whole loaf in a day. Still trying to work on that stuff.

I can't wait to take pictures of the foliage this fall.

Love the pumpkin background.

PEA said...

I just love your new blog look:-) What a shame that the faculty is on you say, you can understand why they have to strike sometimes but it's the students that get affected the most by it. Hopefully it won't last too long.

Good for you for starting an exercise program that fits in with your schedule. It's so easy to put on a few pounds but so hard to lose even one! Ugh! lol

We had frost yesterday morning and they're saying more of the same tomorrow morning so we've had to cover the tomato plants and whatever flowers I have left growing. I'm loving the much cooler days though:-) xoxo

Pattie said...

You had me at the word PUMPKIN. Yum - thanks for posting the recipe. I can almost smell it baking...

Well, phooey on the strike. Yes, I support the teachers - but I support you more! So there! I'll send good thoughts your way that it ends soon and you can get back to class.

Until then... can't wait to see photos of your autumnal garden.

PS - LOVE the new background!

Donnalouise, Donna or DC said...

I never thought a pumpkn could make such delicious treats. Thanks for sharing!!! The background looks great :)

Felicia said...

I love pumpkin anything. That sounds so yummy!! Love the new look in here. I am a Fall Junkie! Its my fav time of the year.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

mamachristina said...

your recipe looks super yummy, i will have to try it when I pick my pumpkins.

nmburleson said...

OOOOHHHH pumpkin bread! I love it. Sorry to hear about the strike. Hopefully all will get resolved soon!

Lora said...

Wow! it seems like everyone in bloglan is running into roadbloacks in some form or another! I sure hope the strike ends soon!

Susie said...

yum! i love the new look..i love FALL. Can't wait for fall!!
I am so proud of you, Ms. Manuela!! You sound like you have things in order! THAT'S GREAT! Thank you for checking on my in my slackerish absence. Still with me..push me. I need it honey! I am thinking about getting into it all again..MONDAY. I'd say tomorrow, but ...well..maybe. Enjoy the weather and best of luck in school !! hugs , kisses and appreciation!