Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lilies and Other Stuff

Ah, my lilies are putting on quite a show this week! I've got 2 more varieties that should be opening up in a few days. I'll post those because one of them is a favourite. So, this week I've been doing some gardening and enjoying this gorgeous summer!

On the healthy living front things are going well too. Thanks to Running Nan for helping me figure out a better way to measure the distance of my runs. I learned yesterday that my new run is 5 miles plus! No wonder I was so sore!!! I met a goal and didn't even know it. I hope you are enjoying summer's bounty. Eat up those blueberries!


Lynn said...

oooh, pretty. I love lilies, they're my favorite flower.

I particularly love the big orange ones that tend to grow wild around here. They were in my wedding bouquet.

Cammy said...

Pretty pictures! I love lilies, too!

Congrats on meeting your five mile goal!

MizFit said...

I admire you as Ive never met a goal accidentally :)




Big Girl said...

Beautiful lilies!

Congrats on reaching your goal. 5 miles is HUGE. That's so awesome.

Ready Maid said...

The lilies are gorgeous! I love stargazers because they smell delicious!

FIVE MILES!!? You're a rock star!!

RunningNan said...

Rock on! I'm so glad to hear that you hit a goal and didn't even know it. I'll have to make that a new goal! lol

Chubby Chick said...

Wow! Those lilies are absolutely gorgeous! You have quite a green thumb, my dear! :)

Congrats on the awesome run!

Pattie said...

That top lily took my breath away! What variety is it? All of them are just gorgeous.

You ran five miles and didn’t know it? Wow - doesn’t that say something about how we can limit ourselves if we're not careful? I don’t mean to imply at all that you've been doing that – far form it. But I can see how it happens to all of us, me included. If we can push past those self-limiters, there's no stopping us!

Good for you, sweetie. You're amazing!

Ranaesheart said...

WOWWW .. your flowers are Amazing and absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on meeting your running goal .. YEAAHHH YOU!!!

mamachristina said...

I love love your stargazer lilly, that is my favorite and the only flowers and the only color I had on my wedding cake.
but in answer to your quetion I am doing herbalife.

Pattie said...

Me again -

Stop by my blog today for an announcement!

Katschi said...

Very pretty!
5 miles is amazing! Maybe you can trick yourself into running a marathon without knowing it :)

JC said...

Oh what beautiful flowers. Lillies are my favorite. I especially like the lavendar/violet one.

YEA!!!!!!!!YOU!!! on meeting your goal.

Have a great weekend.

Nicole said...

GORGEOUS! I love it when you post pictures of your garden.

PEA said...

Hi Manuela:-)

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment...I so enjoy meeting new people!!

Oh your lilies are just gorgeous, love all the colours! My Asiatic Lilies are now blooming and I've taken pictures of them today so that I can post them next week.

I'm quite impressed that you can run 5 miles, that's such an accomplishment!! I need to start making goals for myself as well:-)

You'll have to come up north, our wild blueberries are now ready! lol I've started seeing quite a few cars parked along the highway...people gone to pick them in the bushes.

Hope you come by again:-) xox

Thinking Thin said...

Those are beautiful! I have some black lilies that I am waiting for them to bloom. If they ever do bloom, I will post the pictures!

I hope all is well...oh and grats on the goal you didn't even know you made. HEHE