Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Like the Sands of the Hourglass...

...These are the Pounds of my Days!

Well, could have been better, could have been worse (I had quite a bit of chocolate Friday. Why? Because I WANTED SOME!!!) So, with that being said, I'm down 1.5 pounds again. 2 would have been better because I could be showing off my new 10 pounds gone badge! But, "be thankful in small things", right?

Yesterday I finally went shopping for a new pair of running shoes. They are Adidas which I've never had before. I used to wear Reebok's and my last 2 pairs were Nike's but they both (especially the last pair) gave me terrible blisters at the back of my foot (what's that part called?)

Anyhow, I tried them out on the treadmill to keep them clean in case I need to return them. They felt pretty good. What didn't feel good was me! That first day of week 4 on the Couch to 5K was KILLER! Running time is now 2 sets of 3 minutes and 2 sets of 5 minutes. Now, I have never been a runner so this is major for me. I started feeling it on the second 3 minutes in my upper thighs so that's something that needs work. I'm going to my Gliding class at the gym and hope that it will help to strengthen them.

It's a beautiful day and I hope to do some yardwork at the front of my house. Some trimming needs to be done so that's for today (I have a wisteria that's rather wild but it loves when I hack at it!)

These 2 pictures were taken on a late summer morning last year. I went out to water and was amazed by what I saw. The spiders had gone to town and created the most beautiful artwork I have ever seen.
There was dew on the grass and it was slightly misty with the sun just starting to shine. It made the webs stand out like never before. They were sparkling like they were made from diamonds and they were gorgeous!

These pictures don't do them much justice but you may be able to get some idea of what it was like that magical morning.

LATER THAT DAY: Someone made mention of Charlotte's Web, a book I adored as a child. As a gardener I love my spiders. I HATE: earwigs, slugs and the evil Japanese beetle.


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Erin said...

I think any loss is a good loss, and those are some beautiful pictures!

briy said...


Congrats on the loss! Anytime you get a loss and a little too much chocolate is a good week, right?

Good luck! Keep it up! :)

Lynn said...

Chocolate is good! And losing weight is good! Two good things!!


Hanlie said...

I like the new pink background!

Your wisteria sounds like our bougainvillea. The more we cut it back the angrier it gets and grows back even bigger and wilder!

Felicia said...

Love the pictures! The webs remind me of my apple trees. Every year we get these HUGE webs out there. Nice that its a built in bug trap lolol.

Congrats on your loss!! You are doing it!!


Lillian said...

I love the picture. I'm on week 5 of C25K. I'm going to run the 20 minutes straight today if I ever kick the cat off my lap.

Cammy said...

From where I sit, 1.5 pounds is HUGE! Well done!

Anonymous said...

You'll be showing off that badge any day now :)

I'm also trying a couch to 5k plan. So far it's Couch to 5k to couch to 5k though. I really need to get OUT there and run!

Ready Maid said...

First of all, thank you for all your kind comments over at Ready Maid.

Have you heard, I'm starting C25K today?? Thanks for your inspiration.

And your house is VERY cute!

Holly said...

Good for you for keeping up with your runs! And a 1.5 loss is great!

On another note, TAG! You're it.

Check my blog for details:)

Thinking Thin said...

Any loss is a good loss! I love the beauty of spider webs, I just don't love what makes them ..ewww

Grumpy Chair said...

Quick congrats on the loss.

Beautiful spiderwebs (I loved the book Charlotte's Web).

I may be afraid of lizards and snakes, but I am at peace with the spiders.

Heather said...

great job this week! keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pix! Congrats on the weight loss. I think a little chocolate makes life better! I need to get it in gear and get off the couch! You are doing great!

40 by 40 said...

Those are incredible!!! Hard to beleive,even! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing your badge next week! Great news with the 1.5 and with the running :)

Irish Mom said...

1.5 is awesome!! Its better than a gain!! I have never had luck with Nike's, I am a New balance girl to the core.
BTW, I love red heads too, though I am a lttle partial!!

Scale Junkie said...

I think its a great loss and chocolate every now and then is good for the soul!

Excellent photos!

RunningNan said...

ewe... I hate bugs!

I do love couch to 5K... have you tried running outside? my co-worker made the switch and is hooked. I cant run on a treadmill. I want to poke my eyes out!!!

HappyBlogChick said...

Congrats on your loss, and good job on couch to 5k. It is hard work, but it's so exciting as you begin to feel your body doing things you never thought it could do. Have fun with it!

And yay for new shoes. :-)