Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Over Already?

Well, technically there is still one day left to our (Susie, Erin and myself) April challenge to lose 10 pounds. I'll assume that my numbers won't change too drastically so I'll make my announcement now. I'm down 2 pounds from last week (yay!) which makes my loss for April 6 pounds.

Yes, I would love to have said that my loss was closer to 1o but I'll take my 6 quite happily. I have learned that it's much harder to take off the weight than it was a few years ago. I've been watching what I eat and exercising my little patootie off. I've started running and that is something I would have laughed at if you'd told me I'd be doing it (I always said that you'd only see my run if something large and furry with very sharp teeth was chasing me!)

I have been watching my fiber intake and learned last week that too much fiber is not my friend. So, while "they" say you need 24-32 grams a day, for myself I prefer to stay between 20 and 24. It's also harder to recover from those little binges we have every now and then so I'll definitely be keeping those to a minimum. I also feel better if I get some form of exercise into my day. I've had 2 days off and am feeling rather sluggish. I hope that my run for week 6 tomorrow will be a good one.

So, it was fun ladies. Let's see who gets to 10 first as a continuation of the challenge. Anyone out there have any ideas for another challenge? I feel that this one really kept me in line and I'm glad we did it.

As a footnote, today's flower is a David Austin rose that I have growing in my garden. It's called Graham Thomas and it has a lovely fragrance as do all the old fashioned roses in this series. I almost always get 3 bloom periods from it so that's a big plus.

I hope that everyone had a great week and that this one may be even better. I'll be checking in on you all throughout the day.


40 by 40 said...

Congratulations!!!!I am so happy that you lost another 2..making it to 6!!!! You might want to start writing your acceptance speech..and perfect that wave as we play,"O Canada" and you are given that gold medal..Haven't heard Erin's results yet..but I don't see a huge loss coming my way in the am.. I'd love to continue to the big 10lb mark! I have a little challenge idea..sort of along the same lines.

Good to know about the fiber..I agree..too much fiber..not good.

HAVE A GREAT RUN about running..that's how I feel.

Enjoy your beautiful roses.


Cammy said...

Congratulations on your 6-lb. total! That's an awesome April!

Rose said...

Six Pounds!!!

That's awesome. You're doing an excellent job!

Fiber... maybe you should up it more slowly... over-fibering is not fun :)

I'm sure you'll get to 10 in no time at all :)

Thinking Thin said...

Congratulations on the loss :).

I am up for a challenge. What did you have in mind? Exercise? Weight loss?

I wonder how many people might be interested in a "biggest loser" type challenge with a money prize. Each participant would have to pay an entry fee, say $5 and there could be more than one overseer of the money. Give out maybe 3 cash prizes for the highest percentage of weight loss. Obviously, on the honor system.

Pattie said...

Hi sweetie - love the rose, as you know! That one is stunning!

Six pound is incredible. Pick up a five-pound dumb-bell and revel in the pressure you've taken off your knees and other joints. GOOD JOB!

RunningNan said...

6 pounds is fantastic! Have a great run!

Irish Mom said...

Six pounds is awesome!! Great job!!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! 6lbs for April is great! Enjoy your run!

Thinking Thin said...

Another couple of ideas that doesn't focus on weight.

May exercise challenge:
Number of minutes or miles for the month.

- or -

or a virtual walk and track our progress

Hanlie said...

Love the green! And well done on the awesome loss for April! You've come a long way...

Erin said...

6lbs is awesome! I'm so excited, sadly I didn't make it even close I think I may have gotten 3 to 3.5, but that's it for me!

Have a great week and I love the flower picture!

Holly said...

Congrats on the 6!! That's pretty darn good :) As far as the fiber goes, from what I've read, it's something that needs to be increased slowly, not all at once. Have fun with your runs! (LOL and no, that wasn't meant to be a pun hahah)

Bev said...

WTG on the 6 pounds! ;) I started a challenge, although the sign up is over, but they have more at The one I started is 12 pounds by June 1st and I've already lost 4, so I just have 8 more to lose the next 4 1/2 weeks.

Have a great Wednesday!

Bev said...

P.S. I like your calendar and may put one on my blog to track days I workout too..thanks for the idea!! ;)

Mama Bear June said...

Your flowers are lovely! Congrats on 6 pounds gone this month. That is really awesome. I think the max I've lost in one month is two pounds. I'm just not a quick loser. But I'm going to try the calorie cycling thing Diana mentions, though I'm not very good about keeping track of some stuff.
Path to Health

Heather said...

I still think your results in the past month are pretty good! I sometimes lose ike 2 pounds a month, so I wouldnt be too upset about 6. Just think, if you lost 6 pounds a month for a year, you would be down 72 pounds! see, 6 isnt so bad huh!? Great job on another 2 this week.

MB said...

-6 is great! Congrats!

I'm trying the run/walk thing on the treadmill, hoping to be more running and less walking soon.

Thanks for being such an inspiration.

Love the roses.

Grumpy Chair said...

That is great about the 6 pounds. Woo hoo!

I think with fiber, it is best to add gradually and once you get to the "no longer agrees with me" phase to stop increasing the grams.

Your rose is beautiful!

Randilin said...

Congrats on the little mini challenge. Six pounds in a month is a great result.

Anonymous said...

Yay! 6 pounds a for a month is terrific. I could even get 3 pounds off this month. Oh well. Take those 6 and be proud. Join my 6-week challenge now.

Anonymous said...

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