Monday, April 21, 2008

Following Through

Good morning everyone. I hope that you all enjoyed a beautiful weekend like we did here in Windsor. I took a short shopping trip with my brother on Friday to London, which is about 1 and 1/2 hours from here. The price of gas is so ridiculous that any driving trips this summer will have to be short ones.

Yesterday I was reading through some of the blogs and have to say that as usual, I enjoyed 2 posts from Cammy at The Tippy Toe Diet. Yesterday, I made a special point of marking down the fiber content of my foods. You know, it is really tough to get to the required amounts if you're not paying attention! I managed to get in 28 grams which is very good. I found a high fiber food chart that I liked at Bella Online. What I found useful about it was that they have the foods categorized into 3 groups. Group A are foods that have more than 7 grams per serving, B has more than 3 and C has less than 3. At the top is bran cereal and beans (pinto, lima, kidney, lentils). Lucky Cammy having an office to herself!

I also enjoyed the post about making specific changes and I have to say that right now I'm doing 5 out of the 6!
1. I've always tried not to buy bottled water (mainly because I'm cheap). When I buy it now it's purely for convenience sake. When you read articles about where many of the manufacturer's are getting their water from, drinking from your own home makes good sense.
2. Eat less meat. I've never been much of a meat eater, apart from chicken ALL the time and the occasional serving of beef or pork (the other white meat). I could never be a vegetarian mainly because I prefer the variety that I get with meat. And with summer coming, I couldn't resist and juicy burger. We get most of our meat from organic sources or from local producers so we know where it's coming from.
3. Buy fewer packaged products. I've definitely made a concerted effort here. I really started to pay attention to the chemicals and other garbage that is in so much processed food! I used to eat a lot of frozen dinners for calorie control and convenience. Now I try to prep my food ahead of time and it's been working great. Having fresh produce will be terrific too.
4. Buy organic and local when possible. We're lucky in Windsor because there are lots of local producers. That's why I have been so eager for the spring weather!!!!
5. Walk your errands every chance you get. I'm lucky with where I live because all sorts of things are within a 10 minute walk. 2 grocery stores, 2 hardware stores, 2 drugstores--you name it! Plus, with that expensive gas short trips in the car really are a waste.
6. Don't know if I want to carry a sack and gloves to pick up garbage but it's a great thought :) Again, I'm pretty spoiled with where I live because people keep things pretty clean and rarely will I see a lot of garbage for picking up.

Thanks for the postings Cammy--they gave me some new information and opportunities to get even better!

I hope that you all have a great day and I'll see you Tuesday. I'll be reseeding my lawn's few bare patches today and later I'll dust off my bike, pump up the tires and go for a ride (another beautiful spring day is in store!)


Hanlie said...

Nice post, Manuela!

1. I would drink tap water, but unfortunately our water is fluoridated, which is very toxic and causes far too many health problems, so I have to stick with bottled water for now.
2. We're definitely aiming for not more than once a week. That's all animal products - including fish, eggs and dairy.
3. I avoid those too!
4. I need to work on that - ultimately I just want to grow my own!
5. I started that today... I walked to the grocery store with my canvas bag and bought just enough food for tonight, so of course I have to do it all again tomorrow!
6. I'd never get to my destination - this is Africa!

RunningNan said...

Great post! I follow that as much as possible. I have actually cut out high fructose corn syrup. It takes a while the first few times you shop, but after a while, you just know what is good and what is bad!

Scale Junkie said...

Great post! I still buy bottles of water but I only use one per day and refill it with my filtered water on the front of the fridge...its not much but its a start.

I wish I had more places to walk to, unfortunately most things are over 2 miles away and I'd have to walk on roads with no sidewalks and cross a very busy 8 lane road. My next home will be within walking distance of shops thats a must!

MB said...

Great post!

Glad you had a beautiful weekend. It was a long one for me as we get to celebrate Patriots Day (Marathon Monday) in MA so I only need to get through 4 days of work this week :).

I only buy bottled water when I'm out and didn't plan ahead. I refill bottles at work and at home and use a Camelback hydration system (love it) when hiking or out for extended periods during the hot weather.

After going for a walk this morning and noticing how much trash was on road, I filled up a trash bag just along the front of our VT camp. It was all beer/soda cans, empty cigerette packs, and snack food containers - seems the people who abuse their bodies do all the littering.

Good idea ... I think it is time for me to dust off my bike too.

Spring is here!

40 by 40 said...

Hello my friend!
Thanks for the fiber link! is your body reacting to the fiber? That's what makes me nervous about fiber. Glad you had a lovely weekend! It was nice here too (finally). I think you will be the biggest loser this week! :)xo
Happy Earth Day

Cammy said...

Thank you so much for the nods, Manuela! And thanks also for the additional link. That will be handy one to have. :)