Thursday, March 13, 2008

Feeling Fine!

Thanks so much to all of you for the positive and uplifting comments! I feel so much better. I did go to the gym and have even started the Couch to 5K plan (yesterday and today I feel it). I know that I'm ready to "spring" ahead now and make this a fantastic year.

I've been missing Katschi's food shots and hope that she'll be back at it soon. I was motivated by the sunny day to do some baking and as I was preparing my lunch, I thought I'd take the time to present it as nicely as she does. My lunch was a serving of my mother's AWESOME and I cannot stress this enough, AUTHENTIC Hungarian goulash. She will serve it with potatoes but my brother and I love it with spaetzle (Swiss--basically homemade pasta). I had half a cup of each for a total of 6 points and a nice big glass of water.

My girlfriend is stopping by later with her kiddies so, what to serve them? I had some very ripe bananas just waiting to be turned into something yummy. This morning I took out one of my WW Cookbooks and found a recipe for Chipper Banana Muffins. They are 3 points each and baked up beautifully. I won't have one until she comes over. I know the kids will devour them and the rest I will wrap up individually and freeze. I made 2 recipes (did I mention that I had LOTS of bananas?) which made 3 dozen. I'll do a follow-up post with the muffin recipe for any who are interested.

Enjoy the day whatever you may be doing. Spring is in the air and I'M LOVIN' IT! P.S. Decided to go green for the grass that I hope to be seeing soon and for St. Patty's day on Monday.


Hanlie said...

Mmm, I like the new look. Very restful!

I tried to make spaetzle once... not successful at all. But I sure love to eat it in restaurants!

I miss Katschi too! I hope she comes back!