Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gliding Towards a New Me!

Hi all.

I FORCED myself to go to the gym today. It's freezing and snowy and what better excuse than to sit in the house and not go anywhere. Oh, wait a minute. Didn't I say that I was going to work out, on my blog? Uh, YEAH!!! What a fantastic tool we have here if we put out stuff for others to see and, in my case, please call me on it. I spent 15 minutes on the elliptical to warm up and then did the gliding class. What a workout that was. If you've never done one it is incredible. It works every part of your body but is especially fantastic for the core and legs. I'll be going again on Thursday so look for that message.

I don't know about any of you out there but, my most recent weight gain has ended up in rather different locations. I've got a little more in the booty area and the midsection which I know is age related. Did you know that anything over 32 inches in the midsection (that is your tummy) is dangerous? Let's definitely work to the goals of getting those tummies to healthy proportions. Heart disease kills more women, I believe, than breast cancer. Take care of yourselves ladies and remember that warmer weather is just around the corner.


Katschi said...

Dr. Oz says that waist measurement is much more important than weight measurement.
You went out in this $%^&* weather, eh? I got home before it started up. I still didn't go out this morning for a walk. I'm so lazy.
Good for you for getting out there and exercising!

Anonymous said...

You should be proud of yourself for getting out there and exercising! I know I definitely need to work on myself in that area.

I've been telling all my friends about the waist measurement as a, well, as a measurement of health. For some people it's hard to grasp the concept, I think.

Keep up the great work!

Hanlie said...

I will never forget the day that I was lying on my side and I saw that my stomach was lying next to me! I'd always had an hourglass figure, with a really flat stomach and now my stomach is the biggest part of me. The hourglass exploded! My stomach hangs fetchingly over my thighs. I'm going to work this thing until you can see my TA and RA muscles!

Well done on your exercise!

Thinking Thin said...

I have an hourglass figure but it's just a large hourglass figure. It's a dayglass figure :)

I hear ya on the exercising. It feels good after a great workout but yet I still struggle getting there because I am tired, lazy, other things to do, blah blah blah. You can do it though!!!

Katschi said...

This explains it much better than I can.
Have you heard from Andrea? Is she getting better?

Carol said...

I'm evenly fat all over. I'm a "ruler" type. Translation...no shape. :) Stick figure. Lanky. haha I don't care though as long as I get this fluff off! :)