Thursday, February 14, 2008


Thursday and I'm going to the gym to do a class called BodyPump. Reading blogs and getting supportive comments from others has really boosted my mood. Doesn't hurt that we have another sunny day here in Windsor, ON. "Guess what", calls my mother, "You've got a flat tire". What can be more frustrating? I have had more flat tires than I care to count over the past few years.

Now, you might think that would be the perfect excuse to pass on the class. No way sisters! I called a tow-truck to haul the old Caravan to the garage and hopped into my mother's car getting to the gym right on time. Well, I'm glad I did it. This is a weights oriented class and I think that after a few months of "pumping it up" I'll be fitting into those skinny outfits. Whenever you get the chance to overcome those small bumps in the road of life, give yourself a huge pat on the back and know that you will achieve anything you set your mind too!


Felicia said...

Way to go on not letting anything get in the way of your work out! That is awesome! Sorry about the flat tire though. That is SUCH a pain!

Have a SUPER day!

Grumpy Chair said...

We have a class at the Y called Body Pump. What did you think of it?

Katschi said...

Way to go Manuela! Now that's commitment.

aNdReA said...

Yay for the "Body" classes. I have been doing Body Step, Body Pump, Body Combat, etc. for years and they are so addictive!!! Try Body Step next time. What an awesome workout!!

Anonymous said...

What a great attitude! I wish we had a Body Pump class, I'd love to do it! Well done!

Carol said...

I read an inspirational quote somewhere and it said something like:

If it's something you don't really want, you'll make excuses. But if it's something you really want, you'll find a way.

Good for you that you didn't let a flat tire stop you!!! :)