Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Graduation Revisited

It's a bit fuzzy but, one of these sweet girls sent me this picture from our graduation day. I'm the old broad in the middle ;)

Thanks for all the awesome and uplifting comments on my last post. I'm feeling far more positive and shall just wait until that day when the phone rings without stressing about when that day may come! I now have 4 young students for my private tutoring service and feel that if all else fails, I may go for more students this fall. Gotta keep busy 'cause, idle hands are the devil's workshop--or something!

Have an awesome day whatever you're doing.


Hanlie said...

You have every reason to be proud! And yes, worry will bring you no closer to a permanent position... so just continue trusting that it will happen and enjoy life in the mean time!

Cammy said...

Old broad, my eye! You look fantastic!

Cammy said...
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MB said...

I don't see any old broads in that picture. You look beautiful!

Rhonda said...

You look great! Good luck on getting more students. I am a teacher too and will start subbing this fall...I've been home with my boys for 8 years!

By the way, I found your blog throught the Fab and Fit challenge!

Have a great day!

JC said...

Devils workshop, now that is funny!!! You will definitely not be idle while tutoring. The perfect job will come along at the perfect time. Have faith. BTW, you don't look like an old broad to me. I think you are beautiful.