Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot and Humid!

Instead of the fireworks show, I met a friend for a walk followed by a drink. It was too warm and humid and even though I love fireworks the thought of the drive and crowds turned me off. I'm debating about going for a run this morning (already yucky outside!) How many of you will go and do an outdoor activity even though the weather is bad? One good thing--a few pounds of liquid will melt off of me ;)

Sharing with you another rose from my garden. Graham Thomas is a beautiful yellow rose and it just makes me think cool thoughts. Enjoy your day! (btw, my jam from yesterday is the best ever!)


spunkysuzi said...

That is one beautiful rose!!

MB said...

I hate the heat and humidity so I tend to stay in the air conditioning when the weather gets too hot. I haven't had to worry about that lately since we haven't seen the sun here in a month or so but it is threatening to come out today.

That rose is amazing.

JC said...

Yummo JAM!! Love the rose picture. It looks like you will have a lot of roses on that bush. Beautiful color. I love fireworks but would rather see them on TV an in a hot, humid, sticky, and stinky crowd. HA!

Susie said...

Hi Girlie!
Pretty, pretty rose!
I hate heat. Hate. The only physical activity I will(willingly) do outside in this heat , is swim. I try to stay out of it. I am hoping that as weight comes off, I won't be so sensitive to the heat.
Did you run?
It is, however, making it really easy to get the water in!

Big Girl said...

I'm not a big fan of the heat so going out to exercise in it isn't for me.

Beautiful rose.

Cammy said...

I lovelovelove Graham Thomas! That one's a beauty!

Living in Memphis, I have no choice but to get out in it if I want to walk freely (as opposed to the treadmill). This morning I walked at 7:30 and it wasn't so bad. By the late evening it was only down to the high 90s so I'm glad I chose the early bird special. :)

Scale Junkie said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but the heat and humidity melting you away only worked for the wicked witch of the west...or was it the wicked witch of the east...either way, you're way too nice to pilot a broom