Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Freedom Festival

It has been crazy around here! I went strawberry picking again yesterday morning--it was so hot outside!!! Today I'll be spending the afternoon with my grade 1 class, tomorrow is their last day. It's been such a fun year. Here's hoping that I can get called in for an interview so that I can start teaching and get paid!

I've taken the opportunity of making some money by tutoring privately. So far I have 2 young clients. Here's to a few more over the summer to keep me busy :)

The Freedom Festival Firework show takes place tonight. In case you didn't know, they are the biggest display put on in North America. If you're in the area, swing on by!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Cammy said...

Fingers crossed on the interview!

I love that in your side bar you state that you're a teacher. The paycheck doesn't define it for you. It's part of who you are: you teach.

It gave me a light bulb moment, so I shall share with you that I am...a writer! It's part of who I am.

thank you, Manuela!

MB said...

Good luck getting that interview and paying job.

Enjoy the firework show tonight. I wish I could swing by.

You and Cammy have given me a light bulb moment too: I am a photographer. It's part of who I am. I may never be able to live off what I get paid doing it but it is who I am.

Enjoy the fresh strawberries.

Big Girl said...

I've never heard of the Freedom Festival. Wish I could swing by! Have fun.

Hanlie said...

And I'm a writer! I hope you get an interview soon!

Natalia said...

Manuela hope you enjoy the show AND the strawberries! :)

Sherre said...

Fingers crossed on the job prospects. And I love fireworks so I wish I was in the neighborhood. Enjoy!

*Fitcetera* said...

Yes, good luck on the interview!

I love the cheery look around here as well. Very summery.

I'd love to go downtown to watch the display but the heat, oh the heat!