Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Blog It Is A Changin'

It's a warm day here in Windsor--already 50 degrees! It's nice because it's melting the piles of snow but, it's just a tease because winter is just starting!

I loved my Christmas blog background but I'm a person who likes change and in anticipation of my upcoming birthday I opted for a softer look (does it look alright? anything I should change perhaps?) I'll be 41 on January 17 and am simply amazed at all the changes that have come into my life since last January. School, teaching, starting to run--you name it! I'm still working on my birthday challenge and feel that I'm right on track even though I don't post about it as much as I used to. I'll try to get that to change ;)

I am glad that, although I haven't reached my goal, I am down 25 pounds from February when I started blogging on the Healthy You Challenge. I know a lot of you have had terrific success in 2008 with a few bumps in the road (who hasn't?)

I hate resolutions because they seem to set a lot of us up for failure but, there are still some things that I want to work on improving. I'll do a January post about that soon.

How about you? What are your feelings on resolutions? Is it a positive thing or not so much? I'll be interested in reading your thoughts on this subject.

Until next time, have a great weekend!


Katschi said...

I think a refocusing on goals is a better way of putting it. It's good to have goals any time of year really & you must be ready to change. That doesn't necessarily mean you're ready on Jan 1st.
It IS remarkable how many positve changes that have occurred in this past year for you! Leaving DCX was the best thing you could've done!

Fab Kate said...

your blog design is wonderful! I'm about to change mine over to a New Years theme...

I'm not big into resolutions. Rather than making promises, I make plans.

Tena said...

I love the design! It is very pretty!

Good for you on the progress you made in '08! Small changes add up when they become habits.

JC said...

I love the new look. As for New Year's resolutions, I'm not sure. I just finished the last of the Christmas celebrations today. I need to work towards goals. Since I'm not at my goal weight, I may make some changes in my eating plan.

Hanlie said...

I also like the design! Very pretty!

I think 25 pounds down from a year ago is wonderful... the key is to keep moving forward. You've had an interesting year and I hope that 2009 will bring many pleasant surprises.

Linda said...

I don't like resolutions although I have made many in my time but, not any more! I simply aim to be the BEST I CAN! I work towards things...."working towards the best I can be." I can try to be successful in area's of my life. Success doesn't have to 100% I can be successful even just a tad!

Oh! I'm 43 on 8th Januray....Capricorns are ever so lovely....teehee.

I love your background....gorgeous!

Lots of hugs x

CJ said...

I'm not a fan of resolutions. I think we should have goals, but we don't need the pressures that resolutions bring with it. My main goal for the upcoming year is to continue on weight watchers. I re-joined, or re-committed today.

Terra Kent said...

I like the new look

Natalia said...

Hey Manuela, Love the new look!

I don't like weight loss resolutions, those have never worked for me in the past. I am however cutting out soda, diet and regular. It's just not good for me and I don't drink my water when I'm drinking soda. I'm ready to give it up. :) That's the key, being ready and willing!!! :)

MizFit said...

love the softer look!

and the resolutions? not so much.

I dont resolve ;)

Irene said...

I am with you there on continuing and refocusing your goals. I am in the process of doing the same thing. 2009 is going to bring great things for so many of us. You have done a great job this year - be proud.

Tamzin said...

Oh! good thing I stopped in! :) I have a bit of a strange resolution that I was mulling over on my xmas holidays.

lose and burn

I think that this year I'm going to stop telling myself that I have "lost" weight and instead start thinking of it as an activity instead of a "accident".

i.e. "I burned off 2lbs of fat" instead of Ops, "I've lost 2lbs of fat" somewhere...oh there you are in that cookie bag! ha!

Anyway - Its going to be part of my blogging today.

Sherre said...

Love the new look. :) Congrats on your many achievements in 2008 -- both weight loss AND the return to school and student teaching. I like taking time at the new year to reflect and think about plans (resolutions??) but I don't make specific resolutions per se.