Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Weirdest Thing

"Oh where or where has my little dog gone"

Does anybody know what the "Bleep" happened to my post from Tuesday? I had about 8 comments on it too so I KNOW that there were other people who actually saw it. The little guy above was featured in it and now he's lost somewhere in bloggerville.

Has this happened to anyone else?

I think I need a break.

Cue the theme to the "Twilight Zone".


Irene said...

oooh, that is weird.

Pattie said...

I've been experiencing a lot of strange things lately on Blogger, as well. Hmmm... maybe it's got a poltergeist?? ;-)

Other than missing posts, I hope everything is good with you!

Project Swole - Build Muscle and Lose Fat said...

He's such a cute puppy. Maybe the Internet Puppy Gnome stole him and registered him with one of those ePets sites. =P

MizFit said...

I hate those twilight zone moments with computers and, with computers, they happen to me ALL THE TIME.

Katschi said...

Oh, that is weird! Maybe this is why so many people change to Wordpress?

I bought myself a black Tim's today just to have some Chai creamer...mmmmm. Life is good.

MB said...

That's so weird. It hasn't happened to me (yet) but blogger has been a bit weird lately. I did enjoy reading your post on the dog days of summer, I even commented on the doggie picture.

You're traveling through another dimension -- a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's a signpost up ahead: your next stop: the Twilight Zone!

Linda said...

I have had a few weird things happen lately on my blog also.

Hugs x

Chrissie said...

Actually yeah it has happened to me. I lost my blog list and then I noticed that all the comments I had left are all gone. Its crazy!

Shanna said...

Ok... that is weird. I just searched you site for "dog days of summer" and it was there with a different pic, it says Tues, Aug 5... is that the same post???

It doesn;t show on your main page though! Weird!

Blogger has been acting up lately. Very annoying!!!

Linda said...

Thanks for your guestbook entry

(((Hugs))) xx

Linda said...

Ah so that is why you like us Brits.

Thanks for answering that for me.


Hugs to ya x

Linda said...

I just read on Karens blog that you are not going to be posting for a while.....awwwwwww, we'll miss your posts!!!!!!

I think blogger is still acting up because when I signed into my blog it said I only had 1 comment but when I opened it there was 2 comments, yours being one of them and it was on my Thursday's post....errrm I think Thursday's post, I noticed all my day's posts with the days at the top of my posts are out of sync yet todays post DOES have Saturday above it...strange. Anyway, I apologise if you had posted a comment a few days ago and I haven't replied back to it until today.


(((Hugs))) xx

goodbyetoallfat said...


Linda said...

I will be checking back for your next post.

Hugs to you xx

Kate said...

That's weird. I know a lot of people have been getting 404's on post links.

Fabulous @ 50

Abraham Lincoln said...

You should be able to find it and get a copy of it.

If you know the name of the blog post. Go to Internet Explorer or FireFox and type it in the search box. The name of the post only.

There should come up somewhere on the answer that has the post. Or if not, read through to the end of the information that does come up and then click on "cache."

If it was posted several days ago it would be or a copy of it would be under "cache." Then click on it and open it and you have the blog post that is lost.

You can copy the information using Ctrl C and then paste it on a new blog Ctrl V.

See if it works for you. It almost always does for me.

Arija said...

One of my back blogs had a post disappear into thin which I could not restore from my files no matter how I tried.

Cool Dog!

Arija said...

Oops, forgot to send my best wishes on your new decade and whatever it is you try your hand at next!

Anonymous said...

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