Monday, June 30, 2008

Positive vs. Negative--Which Will it Be?

So, is this glass half empty or half full? The negative personality sees it as half empty is what you'll say, right? The positive personality will always try to see the good in something.

I like this definition as found in an online dictionary: Attitude n. manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, esp. of the mind. Especially of the mind.

This is what is most important, whether you're trying to change something about your lifestyle habits ie. food, exercise or interactions at work, school, etc. How do you see yourself in your own mind? Are you charged positively or negatively?

I always thought of myself as a positive person. I laughed a lot, I listened to when other people spoke to me, I had good relationships with family, friends, and coworkers alike. Imagine how shocked I was about 4 years ago to hear a person, whom I considered to be one of my closest friends, tell my sister that I was very negative and that I needed to change my attitude. WHAT?!?! How dare she say this about me! I fumed about this for quite some time. "She's just jealous", I would say to myself. I had lost my weight by this time so it wasn't an issue and I'm glad that I didn't turn to food to make me feel better about myself. Her opinion didn't matter, other people saw me as positive, right?

I started to really listen to myself over the next little while and I started to see that I did have some negative tendencies. One thing I always had a hard time with was accepting compliments. How many times would I downplay an achievement? I was actually embarrassed that I looked good! How positive is that? Why tell someone that that pretty outfit I was wearing was on sale or, "that old thing?" So, I STOPPED apologizing and starting thanking people graciously for their kind words. "Yes, this is a flattering colour on me, thanks for noticing!" POSITIVE ATTITUDE

Towards the end of my career at Daimler Chrysler I was getting increasingly negative about what I was doing. I felt absolutely no achievement at the end of the day. The paycheque and time off with excellent benefits was all that was keeping me there. Could I really keep going like this and stay positive? Was this what I wanted out of life? NO! How blessed was I when the company offered buyouts not only to those eligible for retirement but also to junior employees like myself who wanted to leave? Extremely fortunate! What a positive step forward to any future plans when my request was accepted! How many companies offer an attractive package to leave them? POSITIVE ATTITUDE

Work hasn't been easy to find for someone who has spent almost 12 years in a factory but has a degree in English Lit with a Master's in Library Science! Now, I'll let you all in on something I wanted to announce at a later date. I applied to Teacher's College at the University of Windsor and have been accepted to the fall program! Now, you need to know that this is an extremely competitive program to get into. 200 or so positions, over 1000 applications. "What have I got to lose?" Never once did I tell myself, "don't bother, you'll never get accepted." Positive vibes over the months while I waited for the reply came in the form of a letter. "You've been accepted". POSITIVE ATTITUDE

So, this past winter I come across the Healthy You Challenge. I'm a first-time blogger and this has been such a great experience! I got a little sloppy in my lifestyle ie. exercise and eating. January had me at 32 lbs. over my acceptable weight. Here I am in June, 23 lbs. lighter, exercising just about every day and sharing thoughts, photos, recipes, ideas and ATTITUDES with people from all sorts of places, all kinds of walks of life, ages, you name it.

I now try to approach everything I do with a positive view. This is so true of my starting to run. Oh, in the beginning I said that I'd never be able to run 20 minutes. How could I know this without even trying? NEGATIVE! Oops! Try first, then decide whether you can or can't do it--POSITIVE ATTITUDE

So Pattie, in answer to your question, Attitude is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Thanks for challenging me to do some writing apart from my update posts or garden posts. Lifestyle change is and should be a good thing and I hope that everyone can try to keep those positive charges flowing. When the negative rears its ugly head don't let it take over! Beat it over the head with a big stick! I have one in my backyard!!!



Katschi said...

Eloquently stated.
This is a good reminder for me to notice my negativity.
Thanks, Manuela for your encouragement!

40 by 40 said...

I find you EXTREMELY positive..a ray of sunshine in my life! Congrats on the Teacher's College acceptance! You are a superstar! I look forward to hearing more success from you.

Anonymous said...

You go, girl! You are one fierce competitor! This is one of those posts that ends up sticking in my mind. And, congratulations on getting accepted into Teacher's College!

Nicole said...

Congratulations!! That's fantastic news! :o)

Thinking Thin said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Attitude means everything!

NanaKaren said...

Great statement! Way to go on being accepted to the teacher's college! You're off to a rewarding career! Good luck with the weight loss!

Heather said...

so very true! so oftne I want to think, I cant or I wont, but I have to replace it with I can! and usually I do because I have the right mindset. that will get you so far and surrounding yourself with people who are positive as well always helps. good for you for going after what you want to do.

Anonymous said...

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