Thursday, June 26, 2008

Later That Day...

After my post this morning I went on a run. It was 9:00 and the humidity was back with a vengeance! "They" are warning us of a very hot summer to come and I believe "them". It was hard but not like the last time I ran when it was humid. I would have cut my time by a minute but had to stop a few times to catch my breath. The humid air just knocked my lungs for a loop. So, I managed it in 48 minutes.

When I got home I was dripping wet--must have lost a half pound in sweat alone! I took a nice cool shower, used my Cherry Blossom products (Bath and Body Works--I love it! p.s. huge sale going on right now--Running Nan, what a coincidence that you mentioned all those coupons!) and went out to pick up a few things.

Now, here I sit having had my dinner after a fruitless search of the most obvious places. I may look again but I have to admit to being very frustrated and upset with myself for not taking better care. Thanks to all of you who commented today. All the tips and advice will be USED. I need to go through a lot of papers and just get rid of old stuff. I definitely need to institute a system like Lynn suggested and a little prayer has been said too (thanks Bev and Rebecca!). I know that I did a lot of cleaning and sticking things away because of the company I've had visiting this past month and if I sit back it just may come to me.

I will keep you posted and again thank you all and wish you a terrific weekend!


Take One Stripper Pole said...

The dog ate them! That is the excuse my kids still try to give me in 2008. Hope they appear soon!

Thinking Thin said...

Did you find it?

Manuela said...

NO and I'm about to give up and call about replacing it.

I'll talk more about it in a new post entitled "I'm an idiot--Anybody got a cure?"

tas said...

Just stopping by... got back from guatemala tuesday and leaving this morning for 10 more days. long story and no time to update my blog. i know how you can find those documents... call and replace them. within minutes of the new ones coming in the mail the old ones will appear as if by magic. happens all the time to me! :)
oh... a really big congrats on the 20 pounds! WAY TO GO!

Honi said...

Hi there.. well.. you asked me if I was scared in Israel.. NOT AT ALL.. its a bit odd to see all these folks from the IDF around with rifles but after you get past that you realize just how safe it is. We loved it and look forward to going back..

mamachristina said...

I have a little something for you in one of my two posts today, hope it makes you feel better.

RunningNan said...

Check your glove compartment.. you'd be amazed at what I find there..I once lost my debit card and it was under my bed. My keys are always gone... I'm a wreck!

Oh yes.. The humidity knocks the wind out of me too some times. That's when I chew ice breakers gum... for some reason it helps!

Pattie said...

You're not an idiot, sweetie. You're probably just on overload. Let yourself live over the weekend with the question of where it is, and it may come to you when you're more relaxed. If not, call Monday for a replacement.

When did life get so crazy??

PS – There’s still time to enter the Par-Tay with Attitude contest. Take a look at what you might win! :-)

Big Girl said...

Sounds like my life too. I could use some major organization in my life. And to make matters worse when The Husbands "cleans" he likes to hide things away to make the surface of things look nice. Just don't open any drawers in our's a mess!

Good luck finding what you are looking for!

Ranaesheart said...

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