Friday, February 8, 2008

Lady's Day

One of my favourite episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond" was the one where Debra goes a little whacko with PMS. Poor Ray just can't understand but Marie does and remembers how awful Frank was to her on her "Lady's Day". I just loved that term and now always refer to my "Lady's Day". I get just a little crazy on the emotion side and crave dark chocolate just for that special day. It's the one time I allow myself that little indulgence. How do you treat yourself on that day or do you? Love to see those comments!


Hanlie said...

My Lady's Day arrives tomorrow... Normally I cry a little - another failed cycle! Of course we weren't ttc this month and we won't be for the duration of my detox! I actually don't get PMS anymore since I've been using Natural Progesterone cream. No cramps, no cravings, no moodswings, no painful boobs. Natural Progesterone has turned me into a real Lady!

My hubby is always extra attentive and huggy, because he knows how much I want a baby!

aNdReA said...

Wow, what timing. My lady's day started today!! Yesterday my friend and I went shopping at the mall, and at one store with our purchases we each received a heart shaped box of chocolates. Today, I treated myself to 2 chocolates. Normally, life just goes on, but I thought I deserved the chocolate!!

Katschi said...

I just love that term, Manuela!
I'm on my 2nd Lady's Day today. I had some hot chocolate and bought some more food magazines. I also went for a walk. Oh, and I bought those fig preserves from France at Zehr's which I added to my yogurt. Delish. So I guess I treat myself with food...and rest.

Thinking Thin said...

Hmm, noting out of the ordinary for me. I tend to be a bit more emotional and sometimes I think my appetite goes way out of control. However, I have never been one to get cravings for chocolate or anything like that.

Carol said...

I like that term "Ladies Day." It's a little nicer than what I say which is, "I'm riding the crimson wave." haha I crack myself up! :)

I also call it "My happy time"

During my "happy time" I mainly crave chocolate, with chocolate on the side and a chocolate garnish! But otherwise I hate sweets.

I don't know about you but when I eat chocolate during that time, it is a full body experience! Not only does it taste WONDERFUL, but my whole body feels good! A couple weeks ago my hubby and I were at a restaurant and I did well with the ordering, but then I saw they had turtle cheesecake. It tasted so good - I was making noises that were borderline obscene! It was THAT good!

I don't get moody or anything. I'm always on an even keel - always in a good mood. (even though I look evil in my pics) haha