Monday, February 18, 2008

But It Looks Like Spring

Sunny and the grass is showing again. But, there was a brisk wind blowing! I managed to get a nice walk in today before the flurries showed up yet again. Today is my mother's birthday--she's 63. We didn't do a cake. I had a bag full of apples and decided to make an apple crisp instead. I just love anything with fruit and the smell of apples and cinnamon baking is one of my favourites.

That in itself isn't too bad for a dessert choice. The main course was a Serbian specialty. The name is burek. It's made from a pastry similar to a phyllo dough but somewhat heavier. Lots of layers filled with a feta cheese mixture (the classic version) or with ground meat. It's so delicious--you'd have to have some and I'm sure you'd agree.

I realized today that while I've been good about getting into an exercise routine, I haven't been too good about watching what I eat. Not that I eat junk food, I've just not been paying much attention to the time of day I'm eating and the number of times I'm eating. I definitely need to get back to the food diary way of things (good habit from WW days.) I started today and will try to be vigilant about it. I know that when I'm in the groove, everything flows along. No more birthdays!!! Just kidding.

I'm adding a picture that a friend of mine took. I thought it was such a great shot of the Ambassador Bridge--our link to the USA. Can't wait to start posting pics that don't feature snow!!!!!


Katschi said...

Apple crisp is a great comfort food! Good choice.
Happy Birthday to your Mom!
I hope that you'll 'expose' yourself soon and show everyone the remarkable transformation you've made. People need to see that maintenance is attainable, not perfect, but a definite probability if you follow a good eating and exercise plan. I hope you get brave and post your pics...I think you'd inspire many people. And perhaps yourself?

Manuela said...

Hey, funny you should mention it because my mom found some photos including one of me at the RBG. I'm standing in this one--the really horrible one is of my kneeling. YECCHH!!!!

If I can figure out how to work my scanner I may do it this week.

Katschi said...

Oh Good! Do not fear! It'll feel good to hear people's reactions like when you first lost all the weight. Remember all the wow's and how'd you do its'? It's energizing to have people notice. It'll feel like you just accomplished it!

40 by 40 said...

Happy birthday to MOM! It is my DAD's birthday today! February has lots of great people representing it , huh! saw grass? I havenm't seen grass in a long time and it's sooooo cold here. Your eating will fall into place. You didn't lose all that weight know what to do. :)

Hanlie said...

That's s beautiful picture!

You are doing so well!

Kathy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love meeting new people through the blog and hope to get to know you better over time. Your pictures are gorgeous...and I think we're all ready for a touch of Spring weather.

Good luck with the exercise class...sounds like work to me!!!