Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank You!

Two years ago, I was an avid blogger--commenting on other blogs and having lots of comments on mine (I'm glad that a few of you have stuck around ;) One such commenter was a lovely lady from British Columbia. She had stopped to comment on my garden photos and I visited her blog to see the lovely photos of her flowers and garden. I noticed the lovely peachy/apricot irises and said that I would love to have them in my garden. What do you think she did? She cut off several rhizomes and sent them packed, every so lovingly to me! I planted them and finally after two years they have settled in nicely and are blooming as we speak!

Thank you so much Sabine! People like you are such a blessing to "meet" and I hope that although you don't blog anymore you will stop by and accept my online gratitude. My garden and I both thank you :)


Anonymous said...

How exciting to see them blooming so far away! I wasn't at all sure it would work and now I know it does! I'm so glad that they are blooming and that you like them. They are tough and prolific in spite of their delicate looks.

MB said...

Beautiful! You, Sabine and the flowers. Enjoy!