Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

It is beautiful here today! I just came back from a 50 minute walk and it was lovely. I always feel energized when the sun is out and I can get out there for some fresh air. I met up with a friend last night and we were both complaining about the weight we've put on since the summer. Honestly, why is this something I always have to deal with every 2 years? It's a biannual event!!!!

So, we're going to do this together. Journalling what we eat and exercise are all that we need to focus on to get this thing done. I plan on fitting into my things again this summer and finally learn how to keep it off over these long winter months. How about the rest of you? What's your spring fling wish?


Cammy said...

Yep, journaling and exercise should do the trick!

My only spring fling wish is to walk on the beach somewhere. Anywhere. :)