Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello Snow!

Well, I guess we had it coming! So far this winter, we had one little snow fall around Christmas (I don't even think I shovelled it because it melted soon after). But, what everyone out east has gotten has now come our way although they say we won't be hit with as much. It started this morning and hasn't stopped since! It should continue throughout the day and into the evening leaving us with approximately 8-10 inches but I think it will be more--at least on my driveway!--because of the drifting.

I've been doing so much better over the last little while. My eating and exercise are back on track and I started an online program that a friend recommended to me. Have any of you tried The Lord's Table? It puts the focus back on more important ways to "fill" yourself as opposed to all the CRAP! that's been going into me over the past few months!!! It's not enough just to lose the weight physically for me this time but rather to lose what's been weighing on my mind.

I feel lighter already! Hope that you're all well and enjoying some pleasant winter weather :)


MB said...

I'm jealous of all the snow that got dumped down south and whatever you're getting up there. We're supposed to get some tomorrow but it won't make it up to the mountains where we desperately need it.

Glad to hear you are back on track. I hadn't heard about The Lord's Table. I'll have to check it out. I look forward to looking and feeling lighter. ;)

MB said...

Have fun playing in the snow ;)

JC said...

I haven't heard of the Lord's Table. Do you have a link? Enjoy the snow. I'm getting back on track myself.