Saturday, October 3, 2009

October Already?

Can somebody tell me when summer ended? All of a sudden I'm wrapping myself up in a blanket at night and during the days wonder when it might be warm enough to get out in my garden and finish things off!

I've been incredibly busy. I got a part-time job as a latchkey teacher at a school not far from my house. The money isn't great but the experience is priceless. My group vary from 15-20 students ranging from grade 3-grade 5. I think I surprised them by not letting them get away with murder like they've been used to! The day I brought in my whistle was the real proof that here is a teacher who means business :)

I'm continuing with my volunteering and will begin at a school library next week--I'm super excited about that. I am also taking an online course that I've barely scratched the surface on, am still tutoring and I just finished getting my first aid/cpr certification. Whew! And, when there is free time I do the url rating. I finished my first month and am looking forward to a healthy paycheque so, things are going quite well.

Hope that you are all well and enjoying a wonderful autumn season!


MB said...

The seasons change quick in the north country. Love the fall foliage photo. I'm stuck in the city this weekend and hope the peak color sticks around until next week so I can get some pics.

Congrats on the teaching job.

Cammy said...

I know, it's like we blinked and it disappeared!

Looks like you are VERY busy, and it's all good! yay!

My 3 Month Challenge said...

It is cold and rainy here in Tokyo too. This week is supposed to be ALL rainy due to pending typhoon.

You sound so active!! :D Keep up the positive energy!!

JC said...

Wonderful post. Sounds like you are enjoying life. It was cold here for the first time yesterday but warmed up very quickly.

tas said...

my gosh... so when did you have time to write that post! sounds like things are falling into place. good for you. hey, i tried that recipe for the pumkin ginger scones you published awhile back. very yummy! thanks!

Natalia said...

To me it seems like once we get to August the year starts going into warp speed...2 weeks from Halloween...really?

Lora said...

Did we even have a summer this year? All I remember is rain - lots of it! But the leaves are beautiful this time of year so I guess i won't complain.