Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Favourite Dress

Okay Ladies, I'm sure that in your closets, tucked away behind those winter clothes is a favourite little number you've been saving because one day you will be able to fit into it again. I have such a dress. I bought it when I first lost my 70 pounds after going to Weight Watchers. What a feeling to reach over to the rack, pull off that size 6 and do up the zip without sucking in ANYTHING! I felt beautiful in that dress and got so many compliments on it. I'm not far from doing that zip up. Sure I've let myself go a bit--leaving a job, looking for a new one, turning 40--these things have made me reach for some no nos! But hey, let's not be too hard on ourselves and know that if we focus and work for our goals, they will be reached. If you have a favourite little number, take a picture and let's share!


Hanlie said...

Oh that is nice! Hope you can wear it again soon!

I have nothing. I've been fat for 12 years and have moved about 9 times, divorced and remarried. Whatever I had left over from my thinner days have long since been given to somebody who needed it more than I did. I did once buy a skirt that I wanted to work towards, but I ended up giving it to my mom! I like to travel light - which makes me wonder why I am carrying my past on my hips and belly!

I hope the other people have some things. Bev did a video with a whole closet full of thin clothes yesterday.

Ellen said...

How about those skinny clothes that you bought like 10 years ago, that you keep swearing that you will lose enough weight to fit into, but now these clothes are so old and out of date that you have to get rid of them?? I've got a closet full of these clothes!!

Bev said...

You have the right mindset it seems to get back into that dress! You can do it!! =0

Cammy said...

Like Hanlie, I don't have any skinny clothes. Maybe on my next shopping jaunt I'll buy something a little too snug and use it for inspiration!

Can't wait to see a pic of you in that gorgeous dress!

Katschi said...

No skinny clothes here either.
Your dress is'll be in it in no time.

Reza said...

Good words.